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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  November 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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and what's next for prince george's county. john henr ahan reports. >> reporter: things were very quiet in the mitchellville home in jack and leslie johnson, both accused of felonies with alleged bribes from developers for the still fast growing prince george's it county. one unidentified visitor left the johnson's home in the late morning hours. the friday arrests of the county executive and his wife are still re verb rating through maryland's second most pop allows county. >> i thought he had done a pretty good job as a county executive. so i'm just in shock and i think most people are. >> being a lifelong prince georgean, i'm just, i'm just shocked. i just can't believe it happened. and i'm -- and i'm mad. i'm mad. because when you put your trust in people, you know, it's just -- i just -- i'm speechless, let's just put it that way.
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>> jack johnson's second term as county executive is scheduled to end in just over three weeks. some county residents believe he should resign now. >> i mean, he embarrassed himself, his family, his wife. he even got his wife involved. >> so should he stay in office for the next few weeks? >> i don't think so. >> he should just leave. >> reporter: leslie johnson has just been elected to a first term on the county council which would begin in early december. many residents based on charges alone are reluctant to turn either of the johnsons out of office. >> he knows whether he did right or wrong. the judgment should be his whether to remove himself or stay. >> reporter: innocent until proven guilty. >> so she should stake her office? >> yes, sure, right. just suspicion is not proof. >> former state delegate baker who is the in-coming county economic in prince georges is currently travelling in georgia. baker is no political apply of
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johnson. baker will take-offs december 6th. aides say baker will be back in maryland and available to comment on the arrest of the current county executive early next week. in the newsroom, john henrahan, fox 5 news. >> johnson's political for these jumped in right away. the chairman issued a statement saying another day, another democratic lawmaker arrested. when will the democrat corruption end. democrats need to come to the realization that their role as elected officials is to serve maryland, not use their title for personal gain. u.s. park police are asking for your help identifying skeletal remains. take a close look at this composite sketch. investigators say this man's remains were found under the eastbound span of the roosevelt bridge back in 2003. forensic tests showed he actually died six months before his body was discovered. but they don't know the cause of death. if you recognize him, call the u.s. park police. a gun store became the scene of a prayer vigil in
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certainly on today in maryland. according to the washington post since 1992, real co guns has been linked to 2500 crimes in dc and maryland. prism, a faith-based organization says it is due to so-called straw gun purchases. prince george's county police say real co complies with the reporting requirements. youth minister raymond jackson says real co guns can keep -- real co can do more to keep guns out of criminal's hands. >> not necessarily we want them to shut their doors but to comply with some lists of points that we have given him. we have already presented them to him. we would like him to look over it and sign it saying they he will up the surveillance and to defer the straw purchases that are being made from here. >> the straw purchase is when someone boys a gun for someone who is not eligible to own a gun. prince george's county officials say real co guns is following the law. >> he quit a high profile job at the white house recently.
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and today emanuel didn't shock anyone when he announced what he plans to do next. >> because i love this city, the place my family came to, the place where i was born, i want to fight for a better future for all of the people of chicago and that's why today i am announcing my candidacy for mayor. [ applause ] >> emanuel is running to replace retiring mayor richard daly. the election is february 22nd. he represented the city's north side in congress before he went to the white house. >> don't ask, don't tell will remain in place for now. the supreme court will allow the military's ban on gays serving openly to continue while the federal appeals court considers the issue. the policy was lifted for eight days last month after federal judge ruled it was unconstitutional. the obama administration asked the appeals court to reinstate the ban until they could hear the arguments on the broader constitutional issues next year. >> well, senator john mccain fights a repeal to the military's don't ask, don't tell policy, his wife cindy is fighting for the other side.
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she is joining a slew of celebrities in the psa for the no hate campaign. in the video which details the bullying of gay youth mccain makes a reference to the military policy saying it is an example of how the government treats the gay community like "second class citizens." talk about a great day. plenty of sunshine and look at this. temperatures, 68 degrees. is it really november? some 10 degrees above seasonal today. we hit 65 at dulles and 65 at baltimore as well. well, it's a little cooler right now, though, however. 47 at dc. we have got 37 at dulles. a 36 at martinsburg and. winds are light and skies are clear. the cooler weather will head our way. this is the dividing line of where a cold front is. that is actually going tore our next weather maker. plenty of sunshine for today
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mild. cooler than it was today. but that frontal system will gradually move its way towards us. rain by monday night. tuesday looks like a pretty soaker day. could see up to an inch of rainfall. but right now at a point where we definitely need it. so for tomorrow mild conditions. temperatures into the mid-60s. 62 by the time we hit mid-day. by 5:00 it will be around 60 degrees. here is a look at your five day forecast. start off with sunshine tomorrow. but then we run into some clouds on monday ahead of that frontal system as it heads in. could see some rain by monday night. tuesday as i said will definitely be an umbrella day. dry out by wednesday. thursday looking at a few clouds. the temperatures head right back to where we should be and get cooler by the end of the week. a coastal flood advisory in effect until 5 a.m. on sunday morning for the lower potomac and the chesapeake portion of the maryland bay. will and maureen back to you. >> thank you, gwen. that does it for you. you know the drill, right? want news information 24/7 fox
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5 news is always on. >> i want to know if you are going to get out to enjoy the weather. >> i am going to the game tomorrow. >> everybody come on in. >> keep it here. sports extra is coming your way in just two minutes. enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> iowa bye. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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. welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. good evening i'm lindsay murphy. thank you for joining us tonight for nissan sports extra. coming up the capitals six game winning streak is on the line in buffalo. and the terps face senior day. but first the latest from redskins park as we inch closer to the redskins monday night affair with philly. it seems less likely that the
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team will have brandon banks taking kicks to the house. they were hopeful he would return after his knee surgery during the buy week. but tonight mike shanahan said banks will be a game time decision. so banks appears doubtful but ryan terrain is right on track. he could get the start monday night. he has been slowed by a hamstring injury but he did practice today. and has not suffered any setbacks since sitting out the second half of the lions game. clinton portis does not look well. that doesn't seem as positive. you know, he is a veteran player. he is very competitive. you've got to do what's right for him as well as the football team. but you want to make sure that if he does play, that, you know, you don't set him back the rest of the season. well, we are not going to take a chance if we don't think it's in the best interests of him or the best interests of the team. that's why we are evaluating it right now. >> no sense rushing him back. michael vick was excelling as quarterback when he had to be sidelined for a month in week four. he returns last week against
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the colts and racked up 292 yards of offense with as imagine and rushing touchdown. vick is back to form and the redskins know it. >> i'm excited for him. i'm excited for the team. because the guy that was given the opportunity to get back on his feet. and now he is kind of flourishing in the moment. >> he is playing way better than he was in atlanta. you know, the way his game has progressed, you know, he is still running the ball but down field giving the ball to his receiver very accurately. and he will minimize those mistakes. >> reporter: just a quick reminder watch that eagles and redskins on my 20 monday night beginning at 8:30. immediately following the game stay tuned for the nissan post game show. the capitals are going streaky. well, not in that sense but six game winning streak is on the line tonight in buffalo against the sabers. alexander semin has 13 points during that streak but none in six career games visiting the sabers. will that change tonight?
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the capitals winners of six in a row facing u.s. goal lip ryan miller. in the third period caps are down 1. nicholas backstrom ties the game at two. we would stay tied and go into overtime. he nets the game winner passed bradon holty who suffers his first nfl loss. the capital lose for the first time since the 28th. we need a quick t.v. timeout. but when we come back, you spoil our homecoming, we spoil your senior day. terps and the news highlights are coming up. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab.
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